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Google Glass Essay

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Google has made an effort on making a new device called Google Glass, which is innovative device that has people visioning ways to enhance the product by communicating with people but not all are convinced due to the invasive privacy by the documentation of using video recordings at anytime hands free and the safety and health of yourself and your surroundings. It’s also a tool to reduce crime with first person view.

Google Glass is a revolutionary new wearable computer communication product. The Google Glass includes most of what a smart phone can function, for example “Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, speakers, a camera, microphone, touchpad”(Brian Voo 1. Tiny (But Powerful) Hardware). Best of all it is compatible with IOS (i.e iPhone) and Android Devices. Google has made a technological advancement in communications, which made contacting and connecting to social media and information simpler, such as GPS capability which “help you navigate, with help from Google Maps”(Brian Voo, 5. Never Get Lost Again), record videos on the webcam using “data connection from your home or smartphone.”(Brian Voo, 4. Always On Call, Literally) And hands free with the use of the voice commands that “allows you to dictate text messages, attach videos and pictures along with and sending it via your mobile data connection, without having to remove your phone from your pocket.” (Brian Voo, 4. Always On Call, Literally)

This device has made a big advancement to todays technology which has enabled better communication between the people we work with, bring even closer to friends and precious family members around the world. For the people who work in offices for example, can use Glass to do conference calls through the use of Google Hangout (similar function of Skype calls)to do Group Conference calls while you work at home, or multitask (Brian Voo 4. Always On Call, Literally). With the dependence of mobile data and WiFi connectivity, it can bring closer communicating with our friends and family with the connection of social media which sends you notifications of messages from friends and the use of webcam can bring live video connection with your family, a similar function as FaceTime.

Although many people around the world are thinking of the uses they can make to use it everyday lives, some people disagree with this. The big issue is the privacy invasion, with the video recording feature in Glass has made insecurity to other human beings. There are people who wish not to be recorded in public. In recent news in San Francisco, A lady named Sarah Slocum, A local tech writer and marketing consultant was showing off her Google Glass at Haight Street bar Molotov's. Due to the show off, she was threatened and assaulted by a young man and was later robbed. She was “approached by a small group which appear to dislike her Glass”(Kurtis Alexander, SFGATE, Unfriendly Reaction) She described them that they were trying to shield themselves from the recordings and until one girl from...

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