Google Glass' Rapid Advancement Of Technology

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There is no doubt that technology is advancing, and quickly. One of the more recent advances in technology today is Google Glass; the headband of a pair of glasses with a small transparent block positioned above and to the right of your right eye. This is the screen. It's aim is to be like a smartphone that you never have to take out of your pocket. It can take a picture, take video, share pictures and video, even live video, through social media, give the user directions, allow the user to speak to send a message, “ask whatever’s on your mind,” translate your voice, and give information on flight times at the airport.

In the article Google Glass and the Future of Technology by David Pogue he says “the biggest that the tiny screen is completely invisible when you’re talking or driving or reading. You just forget about it completely. There’s nothing at all between your eyes and whatever, or whomever, you’re looking at.”

Even though Google glass is on the verge of a new horizon of technology, what kind of influence or impact will have later on? Will Google glass be beneficial to our society or will it create negative problems that we already deal with now, like texting while driving or using your phone at inappropriate times? Will it solve these issues?

I believe that, while Google glass is becoming a huge advance in technology, it will become an even bigger distraction in our daily lives. It will become a big interference when driving. It will make the problems that we already have with texting even worse.

Brooklyn Assembly Felix W. Ortiz. He’s the lawmaker who, back in 2000, authored the original law banning handheld cellphone use while driving.

Driving while wearing Google Glass is just as dangerous as talking on a cellphone. Or texting. Or applying mascara. Or...

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