Google: Globalization, Innovation And Diversity: Team Project

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IntroductionImmediate and quick retrieval of pertinent information that is available over the internet has never been as important for individuals, young and old; businesses, small and large as in today's society. The year 1995 began with the collaboration of two brilliant minded college students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, company founders of Google, world's largest internet search engine services. Through innovation, Page and Brin, created a solution for one of technologies major issues, by creating a search technology, which organizes the world's information, and make it readily accessible to the user. Globalization occurred for Google in the year 2006; Google's founders expanded their services globally, and integrated their technologies worldwide, a wise long-term growth strategy that the company has benefited from. In regard to technology, though Google is still considered the search giant by claiming 68% of U.S. searches, Google creators still need to pay close attention to new technologies and advances (Holahan, 2007). If Google fails to continue with creating dynamic innovations in regard to technology, someone could certainly out-innovate Google's technology. The purpose of this paper is to explain how globalization, innovation and technology impact the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling within the Google organization.GlobalizationDue to the nearly limitless possibilities of the internet, Google has connected the entire world via the touch of a button, expanded business across the globe, and offered the world access to endless information. Google's search engines, utility, and ease of use make it the tool of choice for a majority of the world's population. The advertising opportunities Google offers on the local, national and international markets are almost inexhaustible. Corporations are no longer plagued by language barriers, country borders, restricted customer bases, or proximity to their customers.These remarkable achievements accomplished by Google were accomplished through their proactive implementation of the functions of management. In order to break into the global market, their management team had to plan both internally, involving the company's core competencies and resources, and externally to overcome the various obstacles limiting global expansion. The use of standing and contingency planning gave Google the flexibility to not only enter but to redefine global business. When initial planning efforts were performed, the organization of cross border business was conducted to include the translation of Google tools into many languages, the harmonization of Google business practices with international laws, and the establishment of operational precepts. Organizing allowed Google, along with many other companies, the benefit of global advertising, marketing, and transaction ability.Throughout the process, Google's management team was responsible for leading many diverse functional...

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