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Most people when they here Dharavi, Mumbai, Indian think of Slumdog Millionaire. The reason why they think of Slumdog is the fact that it just came out a few years ago. In the movie it depicts Dharavi as one of the poorest slum in the world. After further research Dharavi is not poor at all, which I will explain later on. As for my other city I choose Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro since they are hosting the World Cup this summer and they are hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic too.

Dharavi is more in the city but not in the center of Mumbai. From what it looks like the surrounding area seems to be a little bit better since there is some room between houses; whereas the people in Dharavi are literally on top of each other. There is little to no room in-between the houses. There was no planned when the people started constructing their houses besides a few high-rise apartments that in the Northwest section. There are two roads that cut through Dharavi with a few that branches off the ...view middle of the document...

Since the movie Slumdog Millionaire a lot of the people were angrily about it, since they depict it as a poor place. The people of the Dharavi are energetic not people who moping around begging for money. Most people have jobs were they work in either the textile, porters, leathering, or recycling. In the article it talks about the government taking down the slum and building high-rise apartments. This would be an awful decision because the people in order to be qualified for this, they would had have to live there before 2000. Plus they will be taking away all of there jobs too, forcing them to travel to far places in order to work.

Rocinha is more on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. The surrounding areas of Rochinha consist “some of the wealthiest neighborhoods” around Rio according to the new school. The reason I says that is for the fact right next to them is neighborhood, which you would see, around here. I say this because they all have a fairly large backyard with some of them having polls too. Plus a few miles down the road is a very nice golf course. Looking at how the house in Rocinha are constructed I would say that they were unplanned. You look just on the other side of the tree line and you would see what a well-developed neighborhood looks like. When you look at Rocinha its looks like the people took whatever scraps they saw laying around and used it to build their house. Everything is on top of each other. There seems to be a few schools that are in Rocinha with no hospitals though. If someone needed to go to the hospital they would have to go to neighboring county. As for road networks the main highway goes into a tunnel of the mountain so people don’t have to see the slum, since they are up in the mountain. There is one main road that cuts through Rocinha and then branches off a little bit. Right along the main the highway there seems to be a few well-developed buildings just to cover up the slum.

After doing this research most if not all of the people are enjoying life. They are begging for money when people walk through or are taking tours. They are living life to the fullest. In both slums the people all jobs in nearby their homes and are not traveling that far for work. Besides some workers who live in Rocinha, where they work at the country club.

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