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Google Organizational Design And Innovation Research Paper

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Course code: ORGB 3810
Organizational Theory and Design

Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in internet related services and products, these includes online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing and software. most of its profits are derived from its Ad words. The company’s culture facilitates dynamic capabilities through the constant expectation of external change present in the minds of management and other employees. Google’s success is linked to the effectiveness of its organizational structure and organizational culture that supporting excellence in innovation. Google’s organizational structure is not conventional, not typical because it emphasizes change and direct social links within the firm. Theory suggests that a strong alignment between a firm’s organizational structure and its organizational culture can lead to higher chances of success. This benefit is manifested in the case of Google’s businesses that continue to expand and prosper. Thus, the company’s current dominant position is attributable to the synergistic benefits of its organizational structure and organizational culture.
(1.1) The factors that determines Google’s success
Global awareness and successful diversification of Google’s stream of innovation is the main factor that determines Google’s success. Relentless adaptation, the constant adaptation of Google attests to the fact that the brand tries to anticipate and fulfill the needs of its consumers across a variety of areas. Great place to work, the company also remains one of the world’s best places to work. Its employees are encouraged to work on project that interests them directly. Innovation first, innovations that will change how the world lives with technology will continue set Google apart from its competitors.
(1.2) Google has a famous strategy for innovation:
One way they might do it is by making their engineers sign some sort of agreement stating that “any ideas developed while employed at Google are Google property” etc. Google has initiated “innovation reviews” where each executive presents the most promising ideas from within their own division. The problem is in getting a promising idea from the early stage, to the next stage where it’s developed enough to see how a prototype might work. And typically, that doesn’t happen without some management focus and some allocation of resources. Another way Google is addressing the problem is to give a few engineers, with extremely promising ideas, even more than one day a week–in some cases, giving them full-time to work on their idea.
(2.1) Traditional structure
The traditional organizational pyramid of google has operative employees at the bottom of the triangle, supervisors above them, middle management above supervisors, and top management above all. The structure is vertical approach to management where the decision making is...

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