Google And The Android Operating System

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Android operating system developed by Google for a special purpose for mobile devices such as the Droid line of cellular phones , all operating system based on linux like that computers tabs and netbooks. Android’s first time released in Oct 2008, and it has gone through several major updates in the following 2 years. Today one of the major forces Android operating system available in market the application available for Android now contains nearly 100,000 applications with successful features. it is useful in our daily life we can say that it is a part of our life because without operating system nothing possible every project and programming is based on software and hardware system. Google android planned on making a push into mobile phone technology. By 2007, Google had started filing patent applications related to mobile phones, and Android was unveiled in later 2007. Since its release, Android has been open source. now it available in market use for every person. Android use of c , c++ and java in programming but its also available in 32 languages.

IOS released in 29 july, 2007 it is based on unix operating system. Apple ios has site for searching. Apple’s iOS is use in every type iphone has come a long way – 6 and a half years in the making for 6 generations of iPhones, now it available in open source in the market with multiple apps and multiple features. it become in different quality and it has many versions in market with different memory sizes. this type operating system use c,c++ and 32 other languages for programming together with multiple generations of iPads, and iPods. If you’re someone who started out with an iPhone 4 and not know what came before that, then take a trip with us down memory lane to check out the history of Apple’s iOS and the features that were introduced in previous WWDC events.

This technology is based on linux and unix operating system both are has many features and advantages. we have many operating system in different generation and every person has knowledge about the mobile devices, operating system. Primary in mobile technology we use to different type android mobile in our daily life, But every mobile device oprating system has different type features and advantages. Devices which we use they are based on linux i.e. Smartphone and tablets etc. We want to work on google android and apple’s ios. Every Android devices has support many type applications. Operating system is noting but it is a set of multiple programes. Iphone use to ios device it becomes with lot of collection of apps and its...

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