Google’s Bigdata Revolutions To Change The World

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In today, we can see video in yutube, we can search way to go somewhere by using google map, and also we can send a mail by g-mail in our smart phone. What’s common thing in those things? Yes, they are related to google, the one of the most famous search engine in the world.There are many other things that google can provide with to us. How can google provide such many things? The answer is bigdata. Google have so much data because they are one of the most famous search engine. And they also have technology that can analyze complex data such as video , contents in text. By those things, google could go first in bigdata innovation. At first, google’s service such as free maps, buying yutube was seen as useless things to make money. however, as google can use datas on those things, those useless things are the important points in bigdata innovation. From now on, we see how google use that datas so interestingly., and practically, and how they improve their data platform and also they make people utilize big data by their ‘big query’. And what we can learn about from their innovative activity in bigdata era.

Google do a lot of interesting projects using bigdata to change lifes of people One of the most interesting things that google use bigdata is ‘google translate’. In past, there were many trying to make high quality machine translator. In 1990s, ‘Candide project’ done by IBM failed as they use so small data that can be said ‘million’ and only use neat text data. However, from 2003 to today, google’s translate project have colleted so much data that can’t be said even by ‘billion’ in their web environment. By that much data, ‘google translate’ even translate language over one hundred, and also translate language in voice. their accuracy is much better than translator that use small data and some delicate language model. Another interesting thing done by google is ‘google flutrends’ . ‘google flutrends’ is statistical system that provide people information about where flue be spread, when, analyzing people’s searching keyword like ‘symptom by flue’ from that keyword, google predict latent patient, and show some statistical information about flue spreading. In traditional way, data about flue can’t be updated day to day. traditional statistical way can’t show people information in more small area than sample space. However, google flutrends can provide information about flue’s spreading day to day as they utilize realtime searching keyword. and they can see how flu spread in more concrete area by just analizing datas in that area. Even their accuracy is not bad as each country’s predicting system. The another examples of google’s big data is google streetview. At first , people wonder why google provide google map service for free. But today, we can know why. Google can collect Gps datas from that service, and make more innovative things. By using that gps datas, google can know where is most frequent point people visit. From that data,...

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