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Google, The Human Resources Dilemma Essay

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IntroductionGoogle was created in 1998 due to the need for a more efficient Search Engine. Actually Google is one of the most successful internet based companies since the booming of "dotcoms" in the late 1990s and remains to be a leader. This success is based on its great organisational practices and core competencies. Google´s success it's not only in its technology and the functionality of its product; it´s also in its aggressive ability to get profits innovating, which is critical to their workforce because it operates in a global market. Through innovations, Google has expanded its services and features. Google today is no longer a search engine company but a web computing Applications Company. This innovative capability, the integrated process and a supportive culture creates the actual sustainable competitive advantage of Google.The focus of this study will be on that very culture that has allowed Google to become the giant it is today. From a garage start up to a company earning billions in revenue, Google has managed to maintain its charm. Google offers the perfect environment for its workforce where communication, respect and freedom are the reigning principles. The company is well known for its informal organization and flexible schedule, however there's a lot more to what is seen on the surface, as we delve into the inner make up of the Google Culture.The Google CultureGoogle's corporate culture is based on a number of principles that lay in the foundation of the company's success. First of all, members of the Google workplace are seen as equals. Of course for organizational purposes there are managers and those they manage, but this doesn't create any kind of barriers as communication flows swiftly back and forth and up and down throughout the company. Thanks to this as well various other efforts, there is a feeling of unity amongst the employees - this is well manifested by the term "Googlers", a unique group aligned by Google's mission.Such togetherness is rarely seen in large organizations, especially those with offices worldwide. However for Google the diversity doesn't seem to be a barrier. On the contrary, the company boasts its international identity, with the presence of numerous languages within, and a goodrepresentation of Google users across the world. Considering this vast coverage of the world, it's hard to imagine that Google maintains a small company feel. Nevertheless, this is what's promised in the Googleplex, their central headquarters in California, where each employee has a say and quite an experience.An integral aspect of Google's philosophy and thus the culture present in the organization, is the list of "10 things Google finds to be true". There are some points especially showing of how Googlers thinks. The very first is "focus on the user all else will follow" - this is the utmost important principle in Google and really the root of their success. The idea can be applied externally to the customer,...

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