Go Pro And Its Strong Marketing Strategy Versus Contours

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GoPro is officially the best-selling camera in the entire world and the company has doubled its sales figures every year since its creation, expecting to make a billion dollars in 2013 alone (Cade, 2013). GoPro’s owner and creator, Nick Woodman, Ernst and Young’s National Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 (Jewish Business News, 2013), believes that the company’s strategies of aggressive marketing and strong use of social media, as well as the constant advancements in consumer technology are the reasons for the unrivalled success of GoPro (Mac, 2013). The camera is ever improving and the company is world renowned for its marketing methods. With the release of the Hero 3+ Black Edition two months ago, one must ask, can anyone compete with GoPro? Well it certainly won’t be easy, as the point-of-view camera company Contour recently found out.

Contour cameras received great reviews from extreme sports and camera experts and was even chosen as one of the perfect pieces of gear by Outside magazine. Unfortunately for Contour, GoPro topped this list as well as pretty much every other type of list. Competing as the number two brand proved to be too big a feat for Contour and it closed its doors in the summer of this year (Griffith, 2013). One of the founders of Contour, Marc Barros, believes that GoPro’s marketing strategy was one of the key factors in GoPro’s success and ultimately in Contour’s failure. Contour spent the majority of its money trying to get its product into retailers, leaving little left to reach out to the consumer with. GoPro, in Barros’ opinion, mastered “brand first, distribution second”, and allowed its customers to emotionally connect with the product as they were actually inspired by it, making GoPro a movement instead of just a high-tech camera (Barros, 2013).

So GoPro successfully saw off the threat of Contour, but what about other...

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