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Morgan RunkNick HutchingsPerceptions Of SpaceFebruary 3,2014"The Beauty Of Light"Without light, there is a fear of the unknown. While inside a dark space, what one is seeing is distorted. What is it that allows us to adjust to this darkness? Martin Luther King Jr. recollected, "Darkness cannot get rid of darkness only light can do that." (King). Light introduces the mind to a sense of knowing what is going on in the space one is surrounded by. In a room of light fear is limited, because you are able to understand the surroundings. Light however, there are certain forms of light that can leave viewers in a trance. An example of this is a beautiful rainbow after a summer's rain. What if someone told you that the most beautiful and precious material of art was something you saw everyday? Perhaps a fence, glass, or even something you truly take for granted, light. When light is taken away, seeing any piece of art is useless because without light we are unable to see the beauty of ones creativity.The Artist Soo Sunny Park uses light and simple resources to make outstanding pieces of art. Imagine one could be immersed in the reflected light of this beautiful bright rainbow. The images of many colors in the space around would be something completely extravagant. How would it feel if you were able to submerge yourself in any bit of art to be a part of that piece that is tangible? There is art that one can be immersed in and it is called installation art; this form of art is when a large space is occupied by sculptures, figures and light and allows the viewer to be surrounded by the masterpiece. In installation art, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and there are pieces that resemble being a part of that beautiful summer rainbow. In her works, she takes everyday materials and uses light to reflect beautiful colors that drape the space and place observers in complete awe. The piece Unwoven Light is a beautiful representation of how light can really pull someone into something truly amazing.At the age of eleven, Soo Sunny Parks moved from Seoul, Korea to the United States. It was a tough adjustment, but art was her gateway of communication. Throughout her life she continued to put time into her art and eventually Parks received her Bachelor's degree at Columbus Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for sculpture and painting. Soon enough, Parks realized her calling was in sculpture during her time living in St Louis Missouri as an installation artist. During this time her artistic talents took off. In 2001 she was chosen as he River Front Times "Best of 2001, Sculptor of St. Louis". (Park) She won many other awards and she currently is an art professor in the Dartmouth Studio art department where she continues to open the eyes of other young artists.Soo Sunny Parks has gained her inspirations for each of her pieces through chain link fences. When asked why chain-link fences stand as such a pronounced inspiration in her work, Parks said that...

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