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The Gospel of Mark has three different endings rather than one known ending like the other Gospels. The other Gospels are easily ended with an ending that fits. The Gospel of Mark is also much shorter than the other ones, but the most important difference is how he chose to begin and end it. There are many scholars giving reasons for how or why this one ended the way it did, and also where they think the correct ending appears. They too have different views, so they must leave it to the readers to decide what they each personally think. The two extra ending that were added have major differences from the original. But with more than one version of the correct ending, it shows there is a problem.
The original ending of this gospels stops at Chapter 16, verse 8. At the ending of verse 8 the three people that came to visit Jesus’ tomb had decided they would not tell anyone what the young man dressed in white on Jesus’ tomb had said about how Jesus has risen. Some say it ended at this point because the other part was lost, or something had happen to the author so verse 8 was the last thing he wrote. No other documents with a reliable documentation were found with it so that may be a reason why it ended at 16:8 (Dart). Another reasoning that something had happened to the author so he was not able to finish, resulting in someone else finishing it later on. If the author did mean to stop it there, it is unknown how people would have found out about Jesus rising (Knox).
The longer ending that is found in most all Bibles, concludes the Gospel of Mark with verse nine through twenty. This version of the ending was said to be written around 100-110 A.D and added to the Gospel soon after. The Gospel seems incomplete with out these twelve verses. Scholars believe the full version of the text was lost, and what is found today was provided after the original was written. The main reason of doubt for this not being the original is because these verses were not found in the earliest and most reliable resources (Klein).
The shorter version...

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