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Gossip (It Was A Speech)

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I'm not sure if I put it into the right subject, and I hope it helps a little with whatever you may need to do...Gossip is a nasty and unnecessary thing that was probably started by the first people on earth. Although the term 'gossip' is not in the bible, the concept is. It is something most people do almost every day of their lives. Gossiping can leave people feeling hurt and can break people down mentally. It may also destroy friendships, marriages, business and lead to murder or suiciding.The Cambridge Dictionary defines gossip as "conversation or reports about other people's private lives which might be unkind, disapproving or not true". However, speaking the truth (no matter how harsh) is not classified as gossiping. Most people here are guilty of gossiping. In fact, I doubt that there is anyone who is completely innocent of it. However, just because we do it, doesn't mean that we are bad people. Many feel very regretful after they have gossiped because they may know what it feels like to be gossiped about or know that another will be hurt. For the victim, the pain may be torturous. A loved one may have said something that is untrue about them. Doing something that makes us feel bad about ourselves lowers our self-confidence, self-respect and self-love. People with high self esteem tend not to gossip much.Gossiping is usually something that is done without the intention of good will. This means that you could feel jealousy, hatred, the want to feel more superior to another or the desire to belong while gossiping. It is hardly ever from respect, care, understanding, etc. Don Miguel Ruiz once said, "Using the analogy of the human mind as a computer, gossip can be compared to a computer virus. A computer virus is a piece of computer language written in the same language all the other codes are written in, but with a harmful intent."However, not gossiping is a hard thing to do. It takes bravery and...

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