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Got Art? Essay

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“Experts have also found a correlation between students with experience in music performance and music appreciation and higher scores on standardized tests, including the SAT” (Parker). Although art has been used as a major tool in improving education in past decades, much of society today fails to recognize the effect of budget cuts on art programs and realize that they have indeed hurt the academic performances of some American schools consequently. Furthermore, art has inspired the imagination of people since the beginning of time and has also allowed people to express their feelings and look at issues from a different point of view. Without imagination, life is dull. Art programs in public schools allow students to use their imagination and showcase their uniqueness. Therefore, art programs should not have to face the fears of budget cuts because they have a huge impact on public education, enhance learning opportunities for students while potentially helping them graduate, and give students the tools to be productive in life.
In the past decade, numerous art programs, both private and public, have faced budget cuts due to lack of support, money, and recognition from both the public and the government. “Art programs are especially vulnerable to cuts in the many states already in financial trouble and in public schools where 35 percent or more of the students are ‘at risk for academic failure’” (Chapman). The fact that some schools are losing their art programs due to a lack of academic success is strongly disheartening. Schools feel that if the students are not already succeeding academically, they should not be distracted by the “care free” atmosphere that art programs bring. However, some states argue that art programs are basically a waste of money, and they feel that maybe people can live without programs that are a “waste of people’s money.” In the cases of the states and public schools, art programs do not even stand a chance when it comes down to deciding which programs can be cut. It is unfortunate that art programs, which the society of today depends on for their entertainment pleasure, would fall victim to budget cuts due to bad grades and lack of money. “It is perennially true that the arts prosper in times of business prosperity such as the Renaissance, the industrial revolution, and the prosperous last decades of the twentieth century; they also continue to fall victim to cutbacks in less economically vibrant times” (Ross). The arts go through a sequence of good times and bad times, and it is during the bad times that the arts are victims to budget cuts. Notably, the arts have always been enjoyable during the economically positive and have flourished tremendously in the past. Through the arts, people get encouragement and are inspired, which allows the arts to serve a great purpose in society. This great nation would not be able to stand strong against adversity if it was not for the arts. Arts have allowed many people to...

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