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This advertisement was found in the October issue of Cosmopolitan. “Got Milk” advertisements are seen in all types of magazines from sports to beauty, featuring many different kinds of celebrities selling their product. The product being sold in “Got Milk” advertisements is, of course, milk. They are trying to reinforce that the calcium in milk keeps bones strong and helps prevent osteoporosis. In this advertisement for milk irony is it’s secret weapon to get the point across. There is a green eyed blonde with a low cut “little black dress” caressing her flawless body with her arm around a martini glass filled with milk. She is seductively leaning against a glass covered wooden bar with a luring gleam in her eyes. Her and the milk are the main focus of this advertisement. In the background is faded liquor and wine bottles. While looking at her you cannot take your eyes off of her milk mustache and the milk martini glass that got to touch her full pink lips. The irony of this advertisement is that out of all the handsome tall liquor bottles, she chose the thin lean martini with milk in it. The difference between her night black dress and the pure white milk contrasts like night and day. Good and bad shows their faces at the bar. The sex appeal of this woman in a bar full of alcohol drinking milk makes you question what the purpose of this add is. The positioning, proportions, and color in this ad portray the use of the goodness/purity of white milk positioned directly by the dark seductive woman and liquor bottles, which make you question what is good and bad for yourself.

The proportions of the liquor bottles and the martini milk glass in this advertisement show the sizes, or importance of these objects. The liquor bottles, being small and in the back of the advertisement show that they are not as important to the viewer as the milk, which is larger and in the front. Of course it would be this way because the whole point of the advertisement is selling the product, milk. The liquor bottles are, therefore, in the back of the advertisement to cause your eye to wander to notice them and to intrigue your conscience. The martini glass is tall and slender just like the woman that stands beside it. The figure of the martini glass stands out to the viewer and makes him or her think about what is right for their body. The martini glass is a positive aspect of this advertisement and is in large proportion to the liquor bottles in the background. The liquor bottles are in front of the martini milk glass. Therefore, the main focus of this advertisement is that the milk should be chosen over other temptations. It also implies that the empowerment of goodness will always prevail over badness. The proportions in the advertisement show the viewer that the larger, more prominent object, the milk, is the best decision and will do your body good.
The positioning of the martini milk glass and the liquor bottles in this advertisement leads one to think about...

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