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The Seven Different Styles Of Gothic Architecture

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Gothic architecture
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Gothic architecture, also known as the eastern style of architecture fits for large structures, where it can be done in total perfection. It was developed due to common architectural problems experienced during the medieval times. Gothic architecture possessed a high rank of learning in attempts by several European writers to trace its derivation, but these attempts have not led to any clear results. Its distinguishing features seem to consist of two particulars, the effect of the terminating parts in a point and the perpendicular line.
Gothic architecture solved some unpleasant problems, created pleasant, airy and light buildings. Fundamentally, it transformed cathedrals, churches, castles and the generally the whole Europe. Some of these buildings such as cathedrals and churches were rendered into places of worship and holiness due their extraordinary gothic design (Bony, 2003).
The style of architecture has seven key characteristics. It is characterized by the pointed arch, the flying buttress, the vaulted ceiling and light and airy interior. It is also characterized by gargoyles, a decorative style and tall, grand designs that sweep the upwards. The flying buttress is the most conspicuous external feature of gothic architecture, and spread the weight of new designs, transferring force to the ground.
The pointed arch is the key characteristic of gothic architecture and has both decorative and practical significance. It effectively distributes force of bulky designs and heavy buildings. The vaulted ceiling is irregular in nature and uses the technology of the pointed arch. Distribution of force within it enables vaults to be built in different sizes and shapes. Before the development gothic architecture, vaults use to be circular or rectangular (Bony, 2003).
The airy interiors, light and bright windows transformed castles into majestic and pleasant environments. This is because, before the development of...

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