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There always was something that made Eugene wary of his sister-in-law, but he never quite knew what was wrong. Until he found out her secret.
Elena and Eugene have been living in these dark, forbidding woods for 50 years. They haven’t been able to leave it. Outside, there is a river deep enough to drown a dinosaur. But this isn’t an ordinary river, for some odd reason, the water is grey. And every once in a while- a deadly storm comes with silver lightning bolts. Why? Nobody knows. Well, maybe one person does.
Twenty years ago, when Eugene and Elena got married, everyone was so happy. Everyone except Elena’s evil sister, Patricia. she was so filled with jealousy that she built them a house –to lock them away inside forever. But now they’ve found out all of her secrets…
* * *
“Elena, a storm’s coming. I can feel it.” Eugene warned his wife. Little did they know that the storm was caused by Patricia’s visit. They didn’t even know she came at all. Elena replied “There is nothing we can do my love- it is out of our control.” Then she added “do you know, yesterday I looked through the window, and I’m sure that there was somebody outside? They were just standing by the river wearing a sparkling silver scarf, muttering something.” Eugene was extremely confused by this information. He wondered why somebody would stand next to a murky, mysterious river, so deep. However, he realised- if they came back again, they could help the couple find a way to leave the forest. Or not.
Patricia didn’t just leave them in the cottage to die- oh no. she wanted them to live a slow, lonely death, segregated from the rest of the world. She left a few seeds alongside three pots and pans, restricting their diet to vegetable soup. Hardly enough to keep them going. However, Eugene...

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