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Gottlieb Daimler And His Inventions Essay

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Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler was born March 17, 1834 in the Kingdom of Württemburg. Gottlieb was a German inventor and engineer who made significant contributions to the Automotive Industry.Gottlieb Daimler was a man of the frontier, stretching in every sense beyond boundaries. His family had lived in the village of Schorndorf for nearly two centuries. For four generations the family had been very good bakers. Gottlieb's father, Johannes, owned a bakery and a wine shop. His uncle, Heinrich, was Schorndorf's chief architect. As you can see the Daimler family was an important part in the village's history.Gottlieb had a pleasant and uneventful childhood. He was very talented in math and a civil service career was planned for him until the Revolutions of 1848, when his father decided apprenticeship to a local carbine manufacturer would make a better lifestyle for his son in the future. Gottlieb finished the apprenticeship, but he didn't like making guns.At age 18, he moved to Stuttgart and met Ferdi Steinbeis, a civil official that helped Gottlieb. Ferdi helped Gottlieb by getting him a job building railway cars. When he was 22 he was offered a position as a foreman. But Gottlieb thought he didn't have the right amount of training for that position. He then took a leave of absence to study at Stuttgart Polytechnikium. While he was at Stuttgart he built a solid engineering background. He owes much of his success to Steinbeis and the government-sponsored programs arranged for him to study. Gottlieb didn't know right away what type of engineering he wanted to specialize.By 1860,Gottlieb had completed all of his studies in Stuttgart and returned to his job, which he did not want to do anymore. While his studies increased his background on many power sources,he came upon the conclusion that steam power was too limiting. He then decided he wanted to build an engine. He asked that his job be changed from locomotive foreman to experimental engineer. His boss refused to do so. So Gottlieb took matters into his own hands and decided to leave in the summer of 1861. He was unsure where he was going to go until, his former boss Steinbeis suggested Paris and provided him with enough money to get there and stay there long to explore an internal combustion engine.While in Paris, Gottlieb came upon two conclusions about the Lenoir engine. First, it was so protected that no one else could experiment with the engine to make it better. Second, he really wasn't even impressed with it at all. After researching into the Lenior engine he was offered a job in a small saw-making factory, but he decided not to take it. He then contacted Steinbeis and told him he needed more money to go to England. Steinbeis agreed to it and sent Gottlieb some more money.While in England all he really saw were steam engines. But he did see progress and was impressed. He traveled everywhere and whenever he needed money he got a factory job until he had enough. In 1862 he visited the...

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