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Death penalty is a progress done by the state of committing a bad crime. I think it shouldn’t be a death penalty because you jus injecting someone and jus looking at them die I feel like no one should die like dat. It have been capital punishment because it was reinstated in the U.S. following a four court ruled it unconstitutional in 1972. Many states now do not use death penalty today because you can miss out on a blessing by doin something like that. Just like a Young man name Troy Davis from Georgia they are trying to give him death penalty he was accused of killing a white man Knowing he is a innocent men but they are trying to take him out he probably got kids and stuff he got to live for a family to take care but if they give him the Death penalty he wont be able to do nhun of that with his family I don’t know him but ikno he is a innocent men and Georgia should stop and help troy davis from getting ...view middle of the document...

A man name keith he was a 52 year old man he served nine years for a crime he didn’t comment. Keith sed he would rather be put to death in jail than to do his life he said he don’t believe the government should be killing peoples like dat which I agree. Then when they use the death penalty they putting all kinds of drugs in there aint no telling what they putting in there to inject you wih. But the world has not yet formed a consensus against its use. But all 35 capitols use lethal jection. I know when you commit a bad crime the family go want to see you lethal jection cause you took a love one from them. It cost more money to execute someone then to put them in jail for life. Then Innocent peoples have been convicted and executed for somes crimes they didn’t commit. When you think about how could you jus execute a innocent person and just take there life from them like that. Since they reinstated it a lot of peoples got off the death penalty. Some peoples probably was minutes of way from getting executed for some they didn’t do. That kind of stuff is un accepetable and jus wrong. The race place a big role in the death penalty too if you’re a black men accuse of killing a white man or women They go want too execute you from the get go they aint go try to find the real killers They jus go wanna to see you get execute and most likely if your black in you murdered a white person your most likely to be sentence to death jus like that. When they inject someone and the other family is looking it aint go help or bring they loves back they acting like its go be a rejoice or some that’s stuff is sick. Death penalty I remember when they tried to give my cousin daddy the death penalty because he was accused of some who didn’t do they don’t try to find the real killers they just assumed stuff an want justice I feel like that’s wrong you shouldn’t do nothing like that, Just because we all like a lot that don’t mean you jus can point someone out the group and say he did an try to give him the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit .

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