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Court System in Effingham County
The court system in Effingham County consists of a juvenile court, magistrate court, a probate court, a recorders court, state court, superior court, and a municipal court. The juvenile court handles all delinquent complaints concerning children that are under the age of 17. The Magistrate court is important for the people of the community as it assists individuals in civil and criminal actions. One does not need a lawyer in this court, which makes it affordable to everyone in the community.
The Probate court is where one goes if they need a marriage license, gun permits, or to file for guardianship. If you are, paying a traffic fine or dealing with any infraction that is a misdemeanor, then you will go to Recorder Court. In State Court, they usually hear cases such as robberies, contract disputes, and family disputes. If your case is sent to the Superior Court that means that, it involves more than 10,000 dollars and a jury of 12 hears the criminal cases. Lastly, there is municipal Court, which hears civil and criminal cases that involve lesser amounts of money.
Effingham County Local Government
Effingham County is composed of five districts with a Commissioner for each district and a Chairman at Large. My district is district, one and my County Commissioner is Forrest Floyd. The Effingham County, State Legislative Delegation consists of one Senator who is Jack Hill and two Representatives that are Jon Burns and Bill Kitchens. There are one US Representatives that are John Barrow and two Senators that are Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson. (Chamber of Commerce, 2011)

How Laws are created
Local government generally has three areas that are counties, cities, and special districts. Effingham's County government is located in Springfield, Georgia, which is the county seat. County government can carry out functions such as elections, upkeep of the roadways, health and welfare programs, record keeping, and tags and licenses.
The state of Georgia requires there be "four elected officials in each county and they are sheriff, clerk of the superior court, tax commissioner, and judge of the probate court". (Stakes, 2013) The others that are established by local law are the board of commissioners that was mentioned in the paragraph earlier. "The commissioners of the counties have the powers to adopt ordinances, resolutions, or regulations relating to county property, county affairs, and the operation of local government". (Vyas, 2014)
Any member of the house can cosponsor a bill, but only Legislators are allowed to introduce a bill into the assembly. When legislation is...

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