Government Aid, Health, And Poverty Essay

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Poverty has been negatively affecting individuals throughout the world for centuries; and by creating programs to aid the poor, this is possible to change. By creating such programs, not only are the poor being benefited through assistance for income; but also, due to other individual's knowledge of these circumstances and conditions the poor are having to face, the richer half of the community is then, lending a helping hand to the poor. Government increasing financial aid to poverty ridden families in both rural and urban areas, can increase not only mental, but also physical health of those individuals along with educating not-so poor families with the use of such programs.
Some major contributions from the government to assist the poor, consist of numerous organizations to not only feed the poor; but also shelter the poor. “The 1977 Food Stamp Act states that in order to promote the general welfare, [it is the policy of Congress] to safeguard the health and well-being of the Nation's population” (Jolliffe et al. 569). Food Stamp Benefits have been functioning since the mid to late 1900's to help feed the less fortunate portion of society. The Food Stamp Benefits help to “raise nutritional well-being of low-income households” (Jolliffe et al. 569). Food Stamp Benefits guarantee a food income for the poor in order to ensure the health of these individuals. Government organizations also include shelter homes for poverty ridden families. Since 1981 government run organizations have been helping shelter thousands of families and tens of thousands of individuals (Heavens). Homeless shelters such as this, give a roof over the heads of thousands of individuals who cannot afford one of their own. Such government organizations are arranged in order to ensure the safety of the poor, opposed to having them wander about the streets with no place to stay.
Furthermore; the society and environment surrounding families has a great effect on individuals. Although, there are individuals in both urban and rural communities in which poverty is a great hesitance in their life; poverty is not as severe in urban areas. With the abundance of jobs in urban areas, individuals are more likely to escape poverty much easily.
In contrast, poverty within rural areas is much great and much more critical. “Children in rural areas are more likely to face different challenges to their health and have less access to care when compared to children in urban areas” (Newswire). Rural areas are less likely to provide decent paying jobs for families, and for some, no jobs at all. This causes families to fall into poverty, which then sets the trend as such for future...

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