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Government And People Essay

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Relationships are fleeting. They can be destroyed over the most fickle of things: slight differences of opinions, influence of other friends, arguments over the most ridiculous of things. But they can also be created as quickly as they can be dissolved. Two people may meet each other and instantly become best friends, leaving their other friends behind to scramble to find someone new to incessantly gossip and complain and bicker with. Once the people an individual used to associate with have moved on and one is left with only the person he/she deemed more worthy of attention than old friends, that person is apt to discover certain, unsavory, unbearable habits in the “friend” all of one’s trust bestowed in. Yet a person would rather continue to suffer with an individual one has grown to despise that be tossed back into the churning pot of society, supplied with a ceaseless supply of faces, opting for a negative relationship as opposed to discovering someone that genuinely compliments one’s own personality, enhances one’s sharpness of mind, clarifies one’s destined path. For as imperfect, naïve, self-deprecating humans, forever concerned with the perception of others, “we are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of the siren till she transforms us into beasts” (Henry). All of humanity would prefer to sit idly by and watch as the world slowly cracked and crumbled to pieces around them instead of holding their ground, defending their individual rights, standing up to despotism of tyranny. Governments are inclined to engulf as much power as possible, as much autonomy as their subjects are willing to hand over to them. The state will dominate every aspect of a person’s life--occupation, religion, life decisions--but only if a nation’s citizens permit them to acquire the immense amount of strength and tyrannical influence to do so.
To prevent their subjects from rising up with a tide of abuses, governments employ the appeal to religious authority upon the common masses. Throughout history, civilizations have confronted and demolished each other on the pretense of religion. For example, the Byzantine (Christian) and the Sassanid (Zoroastrian) empires were rarely at peace and kept the commoners...

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