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Government And Politics Is The Uk Democratic?

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Breeha Shah
Government and politics - Is the UK democratic?
The UK political system is considered to be democratic by many of the other nations and
general public. Representative Democracy is what we have in the UK as were we elect
someone to debate and make the decisions that concerns the country, Democracies use free
and fair elections. We have free and fair elections. Therefore we have a democracy. However
this can be argued as others say that the UK is rather the opposite of that. As the government
largely ignore the opinion of the people and completely disregard their views on the basis that those in power 'know what's best' for the country.
Firstly as majority states the UK is ...view middle of the document...

For as freedom of information act
of 2000 which makes information that the house od lords and the house of commons hold
available to the public. And the lately the parliamentary assembly which is formed to debates
current social problems and aspects of international politics, The Assembly sees itself as the
driving force in extending European co-operation to all democratic states throughout Europe. which leads to the point being that the
Third reason debating that the UK is democratic is fair employment and equality. Most argue
that this point is not as significant to be put across, yet knowingly there are many nations that do
not emphases this enough to their public. Fair employment in the UK is highly viewed and one
that does not get hired due to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexuality, age, religion or
belief can sue the organization for discrimination against them. Equality comes under the same
point as the UK is highly against the public not being treated fairly, due to high status or social
class. If one is qualified to work in a current area then most likely should to hired. but there is
said that behind closed doors for high paid jobs discrimination does take place. examples be such as judge, barrister or QC's.
Nonetheless the UK's democratic system can to counter argued for as the other half for the
public (mostly members of the labour party) think otherwise. Stating that the UK is not

democratic due to it being a elective dictatorship, because we vote for representatives, but not
the laws they pass. This is a very important point because the leader in which the public put
their belief in can anytime change the his views and put his idea across instead of...

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