Government Assistance In Case Of Floods

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The flood that occurred in Toronto last July crippled Toronto’s subway system and caused widespread erosion to ravines, parks and roadways cost the city of Toronto more than $60 million [1]. Many civilian were stranded as people were forced to abandon their cars and all means of transportation were either halted or moved at a snail pace. To reduce the severity and costs of flooding the Government should work with individuals, communities and organizations by managing and maintaining old infrastructure, avoiding inappropriate development in areas of flood risk, increasing public awareness, improve detection and forecasting of floods, investigating local flooding and identifying features that can lead to flooding [2].
It is essential to maintain and manage the drainage infrastructure especially before the rainy season. If the government carefully manage water levels, both in storm drainage and groundwater, by maintaining and improving regular waterways and drainage channels the risk of flooding can reduce. The management and maintenance of the city’s watercourses is vital as many of the city’s aging water infrastructure is struggling to manage the volume of rain [1].
Sustainable drainage and source control measures should be implemented, mainly within high flood risk areas. For example, the installation of permeable pavement or other Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) measures in high risk areas, as a substitute to impermeable pavement, will help reduce the amount of water entering the drainage, and therefore reducing the overall risk of flooding from an extreme rainfall incident [2]. There are also some environmental benefits that come with the installation of SUDS as it helps to reduce in pollution reaching watercourses [3].
It should be required that flood risk is considered at all stages of the planning process to avoid inappropriate development in areas which have high flood risk, and to avoid development from areas at highest risk [2]. For example, an apartment building should not be constructed in an area that will flood rapidly, if it is not possible to evacuate residents efficiently, putting their lives at risk. However, constructing a small park in that location may be acceptable because the risk to life would be much lower.
It is suggested that increased public awareness for improving community awareness is improved across the areas that have been identified as being as a greater flood risk. This should include encouraging property flexibility through the installation of property protection measures, such as the use of raised driveways or air brick covers, as well as a general increase in readiness for a flooding incident [2]. Opportunities for funding of property protection could also be provided, including the possibility of...

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