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Government Becoming A "Food Nannie" In The Us

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As our former president Thomas Jefferson once asserted, "If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny." The government has decided to once again control the life of civilians, and this time it’s controlling what we can and can’t eat. In simpler words, they’ve become the “food nannies”. The government should leave the concern of health to the people they’re contravening. Every time a government official promulgates a new rule about what can and can’t be consumed, they infringe on the rights listed in the Constitution, limit choices, and are ineffective.
Mayor Bloomberg of New York has decided to attempt to implement a preposterous law that limits the size of soda being sold in restaurants. This law, and all others trying to control the amount of caloric intake violate the rights given in the ...view middle of the document...

Everybody says they want to eat better, but economically it’s virtually infeasible. McDonalds provides an excellent example of this policy. Today, an oleaginous Double Cheese Burger at McDonalds is a dollar compared to a five-dollar salubrious salad. The Double Cheese Burger is 440 calories, while a Premium Bacon Ranch Salad is only 140 calories. The burger has three times the calories of the salad and is five times cheaper. Albeit everyone wants to eat healthier, in today’s financial situation not everyone has the money to do so. By prohibitions of any foods due to the caloric content, sodium levels, or even fat, the government is circumscribing the amount of choices citizens have and not everyone can afford to have their choices to be taken away, literally.
Obamacare now requires that all chain restaurants display calories for every item. A study done by Yale found that although half the people noticed the calories, they continued to purchase the oily and greasy foods anyway. Some had even bought a surplus of the calories they usually purchased. The soda size ban, another attempt to curb obesity, is just as useless. As John Strossel demonstrated in his segment “Myth, Lies, and Complete Stupidity”, a person is still able to buy two sixteen liter cups, or buy a two liter bottle from their local supermarket. The government stepping into our cuisine so far has been ineffective, yet they persist to demand to intrude for “the better of the people”.
The government might plan to make laws about what we’re eating, but that’s not their job. The government’s job is to bulwark us from threats and a chocolate bar isn’t killing anyone. The “food nannies” should back off and stop contravening our rights as people, stop restricting our choices, and applying ineffective laws. Michael Burkhart had it correct when he pronounced, “Why do I have the right to kill myself with cigarettes but have no right to kill myself with a nice cold, perfectly healthy, nutrient rich, delicious glass of raw milk?”

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