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Government Behind 9 11 Essay

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The United States government presented the facts to the world about the 9/11 tragedy but some just couldn't grasp it. The incident raised questions in everyone's mind, specifically how could this happen? President Bush was quick to state that Osama bin Laden and his ultra radical Islamist followers overpowered the crew on four airliners, then used them as missiles, crashing them into the Pentagon, World Trade Center. But some believe the U.S. Government played a part in 9/11. The general goal of a conspiracy theorist is to show the world not to take everything said in the media or by the government at face value. Therefore it believed that the United State government was the mastermind behind the whole 9/11 operation.The most popular conspiracy theory believed is that both World Trade Center 1 and 2 fell due to a controlled demolition. Facts that help support this widely believed theory is that no steel frame buildings had ever before in history collapsed either from fires or planes hitting them. They are designed to withstand those hazards. On 9/11 World Trade Center 1 and 2 fell, and fell perfectly straight down (Green 1). Demolition experts spend weeks planting charges and timing the explosions with millisecond precision? To make sure the buildings implode and fall straight down, just as the WTC towers did. That perfection does not happen by accident. Further, the timing of the falls are indicative of linear controlled demolitions, not accelerating natural gravitational collapse (Green 1). An engineering failure of this magnitude would normally demand an exhaustive study as to the mechanism of failure to ensure it never happened again, but all the evidence was quickly whisked away and melted down, thus ensuring the cause was never discovered (Green 1). What is especially striking in the collapse of both towers is the enormous volume of material being ejected early in the collapse, and the quantity of shattered steel thrown out ahead of the dust clouds. Much of this broken steel consists of neatly chopped one-story long pieces of the perimeter columns, 14" square steel box columns that are assembled in three-story sections(King 1). These columns are also welded to 52" deep plates along each floor, but have somehow been broken free of these at the same time they are chopped up and ejected at high speed. This combination of shattered debris with dust and smoke ejected at high speed makes for a textbook picture of the effects of high explosives (King 1).A possible widely believed conspiracy theory is the attack on the Pentagon. Many believed that the Pentagon was not hit by a plane but by a missile. The one third sized wheels, turbofan and diffuser found at the Pentagon crash are not part of a Boeing 757 which in the 9/11 Commission Report said that it did, but of a much smaller military aircraft the A-3 drone (Green 2). Two civilian defense contractor employees, told to "remain silent", say other workers quietly retro-fitted missile and remote...

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