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Government, History And Culture Of The Bahamas

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Have you ever been some place so small that encompasses so much? The constitution of the Bahamas is based on the Westminster modeled after Queen Elizabeth II. The governor-general of the Bahamas is the majesties representative. Perry Christie has been the prime minister of the Bahamas since 2002. The first prime minister of the Bahamas was Lyden Pindling. The Bahamas system of government is parliamentary democracy. This type of democracy holds regular elections for leaders. The cabinet constitutes the executive branch and has control of the government.
The parliament constitutes the legislative branch and it consists of the senate and the House of Assembly. The judicial authority is compromised of the Supreme Court and the court of appeal. The Bahamas does not charge taxes to the people. Instead, the Bahamas raises money by taxing goods that are shipped into the country. Although Bahamian currency looks different from United States currency, they both have the same value. The dollar bills they make are ones, threes, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds.
All of the dollar bills have Queen Elizabeth the II’s face on them.They also make 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 15 cent, 25 cent, and 50 cent coins. The one cent coin has a starfish. The five cent coin has a pineapple. The ten cent coin has a bonefish. The 15 cent coin has a hibiscus. The twenty-five cent coin has a sailboat.
The fifty cent coin has a blue marlin. The Bahamas population was 319,031 as July 2013.
Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. The water that surrounds the Bahamas is called the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas has 28% of the Atlantic Ocean. Some of their ocean issues are coral reef decay and solid waste disposal. The Bahamas is made up of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets.
The total area of the Bahamas is 13,878 sq. miles. The Bahamas uses 0.65% for arable land, 0.29% for permanent crops, and 99.06% for other things. Vegetation is heavier in the northwestern part of the Bahamas because of the gigantic amount of rainfall in that area. . The amount of rainfall in the northeastern part of the Bahamas is three times the amount the southern islands get. Their climate is a tropical marine: moderated by warm waters of gulf streams.
The Arawak Indians were the first inhabitants of the Bahamas. Columbus’s first encounter with the new world was on October 12, 1492. The Santa Maria, The Nina, and The Pinta left Spain in search for the new world in September 1492. Many Europeans thought that Columbus and his sailors were going to fall off the end of the earth. Then the sailors on those ships started getting discouraged and thought that they were never going to find the new world after a long and boring time on the sea. Then finally at 2am on October 12, 1492, Rodrigo De Triana a lookout on the Pinta yelled, “Tierra, Tierra,” which means “land, land”. That is when they landed on the island of San Salvador. The next European adventurer who found the Bahamas was Ponce De Leon....

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