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Government of IraqIraq now is a very unstable country with no enforced government. It is unsafe for a country to go without a government or some sort of leader. "The people are going to start to get used to no rules" jokingly says Stacy Taus-Bolstad, author of "Iraq in Pictures". This quote leads to the conclusion that that Iraq needs a government soon. Iraqi people should have a choice on what kind of government they are going to live under. Since they are going to have to live with the new government and not the people imposing democracy on them from the United States, then they should choose how they want to be ruled. The three most popular and most successful kinds of government are ...view middle of the document...

Monarchy is a "form of government in which sovereignty is vested in a single person whose right to rule is generally hereditary and who is empowered to remain in office for life" ( In the past, a monarchy was government in which a country was ruled by a king or queen. There was a royal family and very much distinction in class and money. Today the monarchy has changed immensely. In today's monarchy, power is limited by codes and elected officials. The kings and queens act more as figureheads, but they still do their part. The real power is now given to constitutional assemblies. A Monarchy is governed by a king or queen who usually inherits the position. A monarchy for Iraq's government would simply not work. In Iraq, there is not enough stability yet for people to succumb to a king or queen. People would not understand how a monarchy works and it would be difficult to educate all twenty-five million of them. A monarchy is excessively conservative for Iraq. This form of government would slow down change according to Susan Dudley Gold, author of "Governments of the Western Hemisphere". She says that a monarchy is set up to keep order and to prevent commotion. However, Iraq needs a government that can help rebuild their country and get Iraq back to being a somewhat stable country.President Bush has very strong ideas about the future government of Iraq. He believes that Iraq should be a Democracy. There are two different kinds of democracy. The United States has a presidential democracy. In a presidential democracy, voters elect member of the legislature and a president. This type of democracy has executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The power of the country is equally divided between these three branches. One important fact about a presidential democracy is that there is no hereditary ruler. The governments of countries like Canada and Britain are parliamentary democracies. In a parliamentary democracy, citizens elect members of a parliament which runs the country. Once the votes are counted for parliament, the person with the most votes becomes the prime minister. A democratic leader is chosen by majority vote. According to, ninety-five percent of the population of Iraq is Muslim. Muslim minds believe majority rule to be an unfair principle as stated by Therefore, the majority of Iraq's population would be unhappy with a democratic government. A democracy, according to past president Abraham Lincoln is a "Government of the people, by the people, and for the people" (Gettysburg Address). A democracy would only work if the people were involved in politics. Considering Iraq's current substandard economy and lifestyle, this is no place for a Democracy. For an immature and unpredictable country like Iraq, a democracy would not work. The Iraqi people would not corporate like the Bush administration thinks they would. These people want to choose what government they want to be ruled...

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