Government: Less Is More Essay

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Government: Less is More

     Land of liberty, land of freedom, a land by, for, and of the people. Have you honestly ever affected one word the government has spoken? Do you do anything in daily life without the subtle involvement of Uncle Sam? Everything you see and use is government approved, or else it is illegal to use it.


There are many groups adamantly protesting, or rather complaining, about the amount of control the government has. I am not of the belief that the government is out to get us and we should buy as many weapons as possible to fight them off. I also don't believe we should not obey laws because we are not happy with them. I do feel, however, we need to become aware of the problems we face because of this excessive control. Let's look at some of these problems.


First of all, our government knows more about us than we know about ourselves. They have access to virtually any information they could ever want. There is no apparent harm in this, but why is it necessary? And if it is, maybe we should change our programs so it's not. There is a potential, a highly unlikely one I will admit, for our government to take advantage of that information to our detriment. Why take the chance?


Most of the areas our government has too much control over involve money. For example, the welfare system in our "free enterprise" society is simply the government taking our money, whether we want to give it or not, not to mention how much of it they want, and distributing it as they feel best. I can understand the need for welfare during the depression. It was a plan of action for a time of crisis, and it worked. We have been out of that crisis for seventy years. I think it's time to change. Our current welfare system has spawned generations of lazy people. I am by no means saying that everyone on welfare is evil and lazy, but the fact of the matter is many who are using it could very easily get a job, but instead they choose to live off of our success. Giving to the needy is a wonderful thing, and if I feel compelled to give of my assets to someone who truly needs it, I will give it to them. I don't want the government to take it out of my paycheck and use it for some program that only encourages laziness. I want give it to whom I wish, not whom the government chooses. It is also sickening how much of this welfare money actually gets to these people. According to new legislation passed, states must spend $1 of every $2 they are given by federal grants for welfare. That means out of every dollar taken for welfare, 50 cents goes to the needy and the other 50 cents goes to the government (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities). Think about it.


I propose we install a graduated system, where one can gradually get off of welfare. Just taking it away would cause to many problems. But regardless of how it is done, we must find a way to wean people from this reliance on government, or rather, our money.



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