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Government Policy And Order Essay

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Government Policy and Order Questions #2 How has the recent situation changed our way of maintaining the balance between individual liberties and order of the general welfare of people? The recent tragedies has affect everyone far beyond any emotional responses. The recent tragedies has altercated the political system of our government, and has rocked the balance between our individual liberties and the order of the general welfare of the people. One of the main problems facing Bush and his administration is how to heighten the needed precautions for people's safety, and still maintain every American's constitutional liberties and rights. When one or the other goes up, the other side must go down. One of the first most obvious results has been the issue of airport security. Previously, boarding a plane meet going through a metal detector at the airport and being checked of any illegal weapon possessions or so forth. However, in order to maintain the safety of all Americans, boarding a plane means that no one without a boarding pass is allowed pass security, that the chances of a bag being checked are more likely to happen, and from now on it is illegal to bring on any items that maybe questionably dangerous to the other passengers on the aircraft. So, in this reaction to maintaining the general welfare of the people, people's rights to bring on certain items before are, and where passengers can and can not go are now are hindered have affected our individual rights and freedoms. Staying within the airport realm, this week Bush has ordered that any pilot flying a commercial jet is now prohibited to fly over any public gathering place or stadium. In the case that a plane does, the US has all permission and rights to shoot down that plane. This case again proves the precautions to maintain safety for Americans while altering our individual liberties. It previously was permitted territory to fly over a stadium, and now that liberty or right has been lost. Within the diverse population we have, certain race groups have had to give up their own individual rights and liberties to maintain the overall picture of keeping American safe from harm. The Arabic race in America has gone through a lot of trouble losing much of their own rights and liberties and respect due to non-Arabic American associating any Arabic person connected with the tragedies of September 11th. In one instance, several Arabs were "kindly" asked to leave a commercial jet because other passengers on that flight did not feel safe to fly with them on board. Even though they were not forced to leave the plane, their individual rights were taken away in order to maintain safety for the general welfare. Also, in all airports across the USA, airport security has been asked to been on alert for Arabic passengers, due to the stereotype that anyone Arabic is associated with the September 11th attacks. So, individual...

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