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Throughout the history of the human race the few have held in their hands the lives of the many. Regardless of what type of government or society you observe, it has always been the minority in charge of the majority. It is true that in most cases the majority will reach a breaking point and take down the minority. However, there are those who continue to rule despite public unrest, or those who have the love and admiration of the very people they are abusing. The few have always found a way to climb atop the many, and remain there, defying all logic and reason. These methods fall into a few generalized categories, such as the use of fear, propaganda, drugs, and early childhood conditioning.
Propaganda “is a mode of communication aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position”(Stokoe) It is ever present throughout human history, and it isn't always a bad thing. Governments and industries alike use propaganda to push an agenda. Most people equate the word 'propaganda' with lies and leaders such as Hitler and Kim Jun Il. It is undoubtedly true that when a government decides exactly what is said to the people there is room for corruption and general doubt about the motives behind the information released. Regardless of whether the motive is 'good' or 'bad', propaganda, the controlling of the output of information is used to control those who hear or view it. Political campaigns use propaganda to win elections. They exploit current issues, and past events to paint a picture that, while it may be slightly true, completely exaggerates the issue or situations. This is done in order to persuade the voter to change their mind about the opponent, or reenforce their opinion. In cults vulnerabilities are taken advantage of.
Destructive cults use “unethical psychological techniques to bring about thought reform”(Layton) Not all destructive cults are religious, many can have a political agenda, or financial
goals. The key feature present is that members are being exploited for some reason of another. Members of such cults don't realize they are being negatively influenced; more often than not they are convince that whatever cause they have joined is their savior. Individuals in these circumstances resist change and despise anyone who would dare to point out the flaws in their philosophy. In this form of control, the leader simply has to get the process started. From there, desperate and lost human beings will welcome the loss of free will and thought.
Many people do not realize when they are being manipulated by the media. Commercials are constantly helping people to form opinions about the world around them, from food and clothes to gay marriage and teen suicide. The news is controlled by a handful of companies, massive corporations with an agenda of their own. Fox News is known for its extreme bias towards republicans and conservatives. “When it comes to Fox News Channel, conservatives don't feel the need to...

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