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Government Responses After September 11 Essay

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“Fellow citizens, we’ll meet violence with patient justice, assured of the rightness of our cause and confident of the victories to come.” These were the words spoken by President George W. Bush the evening of the attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and the plane that was forced down in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. After the attacks on September eleventh, the U.S. Government responded swiftly and decisively with actions through Federal Administrations, Congress, and the military that would have both short and long term effects on both the United States and the Middle East. Shortly after the first plane hit the World Trade Center, the Federal Aviation Administration, or the FAA, took the most well noted actions out of all the government agencies to maintain the national safety of the American People. Additionally, Congress took quick action in the following days to improve the national security of the U.S. Finally, the American military was able to invade the suspected middle eastern countries that harboured the primary suspects of the attacks and either take them into custody or kill them.
September eleventh, 2001; a normal day for Americans in New York City and Washington D.C. That normal day would soon turn into the nation’s worst nightmare. At 8:46 am, American Airlines flight 11 crashes into the World Trade Center’s North Tower. This would be one of four attacks on the United States of America. Less than half an hour later, United Airlines flight 175 crashes into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Panic soon ensues in the streets below the towers on Manhattan. First Responders are called in from all over the island and it isn’t long before people are brought out from the towers. By this time, President Bush is notified of the “accidents” and he is taken aboard Air Force One. Then, at 9:40, American Airlines flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon, killing all passengers on board. Orders came from the FAA in the following minutes that all aircraft in the air land at the nearest airport immediately. The only planes that are in the air are fighter jets and Air Force One. By now, the White House’s West Wing, the rest of the capitol were being evacuated. Back in New York, the World Trade Center’s South Tower finally succumbed to the blazing inferno and collapsed, sending a mushroom cloud of ash, smoke, and steel debris into the air and showering the surrounding buildings.About thirty minutes later, the North Tower would pancake itself and collapse. But another tragedy was going to take place. United Flight 93 had been hijacked and it had deviated from its course and had turned off its black box. The passengers had found out about the other attacks because their flight had been delayed by approximately forty minutes. They decided to retaliate. Using hot water, and other common items on board the plane, they subdued the hijackers and crashed the Boeing 737 into a field near Shanksville,...

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