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Many businesses and families go through so many struggles that one can only imagine. And we should help those that really need it and the others should learn how to overcome it if they are abusing the government system. The inability of the federal government to support its federally-funded day care centers through programs like Head Start and dependent care expense tax deductions could deepen the recession and draw businesses into even further depression because the labor force must choose between going to work and providing safe affordable child care for their dependents.
Head Start is a federally funded program its purpose is to help preschool children that come from low income families. This program was introduced in the year 1965, but later on in the years head start program started to help children that were disable and also the children that could not speak English (Dictionary of American History 1 of 3). The children that are mostly involved in this program which provides them with an education are preschool and children that come from homes that are disadvantaged; that their parents cannot afford to send them to school to get an education attend this program (LeVert 42). Head start is also a part of The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 which helps the children have an opportunity in getting an education and also teaching them skills that will help them as they continue to grow older (LeVert 28-29). This program will also be recognized as a nonprofit organization and is also a part of the federal government which provides the children’s parents referrals of child care (O'Rourke 2 of 2). The children that are in the head start program are also involved in other federally funded programs and they get the benefits of social welfare (LeVert 36).Head Start was affected really bad when president Reagan reduced $2 billion a year for head start and many other programs which in the end will affect the families that were involved in these programs (LeVert 33-34). Marian wright Edelman states that the government should help the supportive groups more so the children can have a decent life, but I think that the government should only help the children in the groups that really need it the most (LeVert 16).
The dependent care tax deductions is when day care centers are losing or reducing taxes of parents. The Affordable Act is a plan for children to be on the plan until they are twenty six years old, and then they are having to find a way to pay for their own insurance which I am against this because do not offer something and help them and then just take it away from them (Harshman 1 of 2). If you are involved in this act then you can receive insurance through your job, but at the same time they have to pay a huge deductible amount which I think the government should help them too by lowering the deductions (Harshman 1-2 of 2). In this affordable care act they want the people that are a part of this, they want them to pay more on their taxes and...

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