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The Cold War brought about many changes in how Americans look at nuclear warfare. The most visible part of the cold war was the arms race. Mutually assured destruction was the philosophy that both nations had the power to destroy each other completely in the event of an attack.The invention and perfection of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was the beginning of this philosophy. With this technology nations would be able to strike a rival country from a great distance. These unruly countries could attach various destructive warheads to these ICBM's. The warheads could deliver a nuclear, chemical, or biological payload. While the end of the Cold War has signaled a reduction in the likelihood of global conflict, the threat from foreign missiles has grown steadily as sophisticated missile technology becomes available on a wider scale. Ever since these weapons of mass destruction have existed, people have been attempting to create ways to prevent a war that would bring about a worldwide Armageddon however there are those who oppose this issue saying that the only way to prevent nuclear attack is to eliminate all weapons of mass destruction.The question remains, should the Untied States push for a missile defense? Since he assumed office, the administration of President George W. Bush has made missile defense one of its top priorities, giving it prominence in policy, funding, and organization. To proponents, deploying a missile defense represents a prudent response to emerging threats. They believe that with this system in place no country will launch an attack against the U.S. Supporters of a national missile defense are urging President Bush to move quickly to deploy a system to protect the United States against potential ballistic missile attacks from Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and China. Most Republicans in congress consider a National Missile Defense system to be a top priority for the United States Government. Other reasons for this defense system are current actions made by foreign countries. In May of 1998 India and Pakistan ran underground nuclear weapons tests. North Korea tested a long range ICBM over Japan, which can be used to carry nuclear warheads. The initial blueprint for SDI included both ground and space...

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