Government Should Provide Free Education To Citizens

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Many succeed people begin with zero or lack of knowledge before they turn into successful persons. The key that change their lives and brought them to success is the perfect education. Perfect educations are important for all people from all generations to achieve their dreams and change their lives in the future. Educations can be divided into two types, which are direct education and indirect education. Direct education is the education that learned at school, involving various subjects and lessons and may using books like Science, Mathematics and English. The purpose is to gain and increase knowledge. Meanwhile, indirect education is the education that exposed about moral values, ...view middle of the document...

Only students that exactly achieve and pass the stated terms will be chose, and they must pay it by performing services to the government, once they graduated. The government had done this because they cannot sponsor all citizens. This is the consequence of our country not having enough money to sponsor the citizen. For the stated reason, we cannot request and suggest to government to provide free education to citizens.

The next reason is the country will low develop in the future. Free educations fees will make citizens get proper educations like others. Even though they get educations, not all of them use this opportunity to gain improvements and develop themselves. There are a lot of people whose waste their time and not study although they have to pay for the high fees. This shows like they almost have no worry to fail in their studies. Can you imagine that what will happen to the citizens as they get the opportunity to study without fees? I bet several of them will waste the chances and not using it properly. This group of people will have no worry to fail in studies. In their mind, the fees is free and there is no problem with that as they will able to repeat the semester without any fees to paid if they fail. Hence, they may unable to graduate and finish their studies in the stated time, then, follows by the abundant amount of students in some courses and programs in the colleges or universities. Since there are abundant of them, the lecturers cannot focus to all students during the lessons. This condition may consequently result in the low qualities of students graduated. As these students work, they may be lack of skills and soft skills which then lead to the low development to our country. Thus, the government should not provide free education to citizens.

The last reason is the economy in country will drop drastically. In this era of globalization and development, almost all things that we want, must be changed with money. This is happen due to support the economy in the country for development and as the preparation for facing any possible challenges in the future. There may be impossible...


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