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Government Spending And The Wealth Of Our Nation

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The most widely used medium of exchange for goods and services in the United States of America is currency. For U.S. citizens, the “almighty dollar” is what wakes them up in the morning and starts them on their way to work. Currency's influence is what gives people the motivation to better their circumstances, or even in some cases take a risk and possibly worsen them through obtaining this medium illegally. Furthermore, since America's inhabitance, methods of exchange have constantly changed over time, but the concept of bartering always remains consistent from past to present. For many American's, the concept of the nation's government spending of currency is an extremely polemical ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, since the qualified applicants of these programs are required by law to receive the benefits offered from them, this poses as a threat to the nation's economic well-being. Thus, garnering support for the eradication of certain, if not all programs of mandatory spending, or at least a decrease of the tax funding for them by Americans.
In contrast to programs under the mandatory government spending category, discretionary spending programs are specified by Congress by law each year to determine how much will be spent by each program and how much will it effect the federal budget and deficit. Some of the programs that fall under the discretionary spending category consist of: FBI, coast guard, housing and education, space exploration, and foreign aid, to name a few. 30 percent of the federal budget is being spent on discretionary spending.
Due to the fact that it is such a hot button issue in today's society, many political debates have risen on the topic of how mandatory government spending should be handled. In fact, in 2013, a heated debate over mandatory spending occurred as Congress reached a stalemate on writing legislation for the governing of the Department of Agriculture, which oversees and administers both programs involving farm subsidies as well as the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. By May 2013, the Republican majority of the House Committee on Agriculture approved the eligibility limit and other cuts that would have disqualified 1.8 million people from receiving benefits from these programs. In addition to this, the House Committee on Agriculture also received approval to cut the expenses of the program by approximately $21 billion in the span of a decade. This poses as a solid benefit financially in relation to government spending, or so the House Committee on Agriculture thought, but when the proposition was made in front of the full House in June 19th of that same year, 62% of Republicans sided with Democrats rejecting its approval on a 234-195 vote.
On the other side of this highly controversial topic of who receives benefits in relation to mandatory federal spending, Democrat Colin Peterson a Representative for Wisconsin, believes that it is ludicrous to cut hundreds of billions of dollars from a program designed to offer help to those in need, but also just as equally nonsensical to refuse to cut any money from the federal budget for nutrition assistance programs as well. Peterson, who is a ranking minority member of the agriculture panel, is an advocate of a reasonable balance between what to reform and what to let stand with regards to nutrition assistance programs such as Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. Lastly, this debate over mandatory spending, especially the reform of nutritional assistance programs, is important because at the end of the day it affects the lives of all American citizens whether they care to acknowledge it or not. One decision by the House or other...

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