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Culture is a lifestyle. Everything-from clothes that people wear to the meeting room of president, is affected with the culture. This culture comes into existence when individuals or groups make productions and distribute them to educate, entertain or anyhow influence people. In most countries, those kinds of people and productions are financed and cultural policies are implemented by non-governmental organizations or funds. Unlike other countries, in Azerbaijan the cultural policies are realized and funded almost by the government. Cultural activities reflecting national identity and propagating national spirit are being highlighted. For example, Mugham- national heritage of Azerbaijan is sponsored by Azerbaijan’s First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva. That’s why it popularized immensely destroying pop-music industry in the country in late years. For the development of film industry, Ministry of Culture and Tourism financially supports films which consist of majority of films shot in a year. In return, these films have to fit to the criteria set by mentioned ministry. Many theatres are repaired and designed in modern style, yet left in old repertoire and system, to attract audience. Furthermore, the success of the cultural administration is a question. Existence or nonexistence of gap between people’s taste and financed projects is not measured.
Does government supply of cultural activities meet with the people’s demand, which I think negatively of- is the question I will be searching about. An inquiry will be held among population questing what kind of cultural productions they want, and collected data will be matched with the ongoing entertaining projects. Since culture varies in many activities and the level of cultural diversity is low, because all policies are done by the government, only aforementioned 3 areas will be examined in the case.

Literature Review
“Cultural policy is connected to all the major issues of our society: economic stratification, race relations, international relations, technology, education, and community development” (Atlas). Cultural Policy can affect them, or vice versa. With the culture, national identity can be built. “National cultural policy shapes citizenship landscape. Sometimes, cultural landscape does not accord to social landscape. At that time, legitimacy of institutions that finance them is questioned” (Bennett, 2001). So, cultural productions must be related to social realities, rather than illustrating utopia and they must match to people’s interest. Also, policies supported in governmental level must stimulate cultural diversity and cultural homogeneity must be avoided. While saying diversity, characteristics of population are meant (Bennett, 2001). According to Website of Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Azerbaijan Republic, in Azerbaijan protection of national and cultural identity is prioritized. However, reasons to highlight it are not mentioned. Because of the cultural policies of the nations,...

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