Government Surveillance For The Greater Good

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Government Surveillance For The Greater Good
With new advances in technology each day it’s becoming easier to communicate with each other. Talking to friends and family around the world has now become easier. Yet with all these new forms of communication there have been unpleasant side effects, since this new advanced technology is not only for harmless interaction it is also used to plot against governments and countries. Governments have found themselves under attack and have had to resort to monitoring their citizen’s online and phone activities. The thought that the government is watching them is often very off putting for many Americans. They feel as their right to privacy has been invaded and defiled. What they fail to see is that government surveillance prevents terrorists attack not only from the outside but also from the inside. It has brought to justice those that have launched or planned to launch an attack, and yes it has even has given americans a sense of security. To some government surveillance seems like a threat to their rights but it is only ensuring the security and safety of the nation.
Government Surveillance was not designed to spy on american people’s lives as some would lead to believe. It was and still is intended to help prevent terrorists attacks thus protecting american citizens. The chief of the National Security Agency recently reported that the organization has “prevented 13 terrorists attacks in the U.S” (Kelly). While this may seem like a small number it is a crucial number, since only one terrorist attack could kill millions of innocent people. Yet to do this the NSA must be able to know what these terrorists are doing and who they are talking to and when. One way that they have managed to do this is through the tapping of phone calls and emails along with collecting internet data (Kelly) . All this information is used to help prevent terrorist attacks like that of 9/11. A day that brought despair, anguish and destruction to american soil. Yet many americans were angered when it became known that the government was able to monitor their emails, phone calls and internet searches. While american citizens have a right to be anger they must also realize that the government isn’t doing this just because they can, they are doing it to protect the nation. If the government had not made the decision to tap into the emails and phone calls of suspected terrorists, then those 13 attacks would have happened and claimed dozens if not more lives. People need to understand that while an individual only has to worry about their safety, the government must worry for the safety of an entire nation. If a government must tap an individuals emails and phone conversations to help ensure the safety of the nation , then society should be more accepting of such measures since it’s for the good of a nation.
Government surveillance has not only help prevent...

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