Government Under President Bush's Management Essay

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Political Scientists want to know how presidents pass from history into history. Basically, we want to know as presidents and their members pass through the permanent government, what modifications will these individuals make that will change our existing institution? And during the president's candidacy, what personal and characteristical decisions will effect these changes? During a presidential transition, the government does not cease therefore rapid adjustments have to made upon presidential nomination. These adjustments are paramount in constructing a practical guideline for newly elected presidents entering office for the first time. There are a few key issues that are important when clarifying these guidelines. The first step is determining the separation of powers between the president and other main institutions of the government.The main analysis is determining whether events supersede both the institution and person as a determinative of behavior. Another question is whether changing events cause adjustments in strategy with party control and competition. When a president enters office what effects does the decisions of the prior president play in achieving personal future goals? Personal experience is another major concern to Political Scientists. Since no elected president enters office with a blank political history, has the incumbent's experience prepared them to comprehend their new setting? President George W. Bush has shown exactly how much character and personality can impact the presidency. I have chosen three types that I feel stand out the most.The first type is a characteristic that continues to show up continually. In Seymour Hersh's article, Who Lied to Whom? Hersh shows that a major characteristic of Bush is his impulsive actions. As Congress prepared to vote on authorizing Bush to wage war on Iraq during a September 2003 meeting, a group of CIA officials briefed their foreign relations committee on Iraq's weapons capability. During this meeting it was relayed to the committee that high grade aluminum tubes, able to produce uranium was intercepted on its way to Iraq (Hersh, pg. 1). The committee was also further informed with documents showing Iraq's deal to buy 500 tons of uranium from Niger. Shortly afterwards, Prime Minister Blair's government made information public about Iraq's attempt. Enough concern was built to cause the Democrats to pass Bush's mandate for an Iraqi assault.Two months later, Washington publicly identified Niger as the seller of nuclear materials (Hersh, pg. 2). Bush was addressed further on the intelligence during his morning brief shortly after. Bush took the information and quickly used it in his State of the Union message on January 28th and credited Britain as the source of the information (Hersh, pg.2). Bush wasted no time in accusing Saddam of hiding his intentions from the rest of the world. Bush gained rapid support from the government and from the public on his plan to oust Saddam as...

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