Government Welfare System And Their Effect On The American Dream

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From 1990 to the present, government welfare such as income assistance and food stamps have aided the unemployed, the ill, and the broken families of America, but government assistance greatly affects the myth that hard work is the only pathway to success, and welfare provides many negative, as well as positive impacts to society. In the United States, many different welfare systems offer a wide range of benefits including money and food stamps to a variety of people. Plagued with economic issues and a shrinking middle class, the poorest Americans keep getting poorer, and the door seems to be shutting more and more on the opportunity to rise above their impoverished roots. Welfare aims to ...view middle of the document...

TANF IEFs range state-by-state, according to the report entitled “Getting On, Staying On, and Getting Off Welfare,” “As of 2003 the IET for a family of three ranges considerably by state, ranging from $269 in Alabama to $1,641 in Hawaii with a median of $704” (Rowe and Giannarelli). Following PRWORA, more than half of the states raised their IETs, making it easier for families to receive TANF; however, 12 states reduced their IETs. In 2012, President Barack Obama sought to change the way TANF money is distributed. According to the article “What Obama Really Did to Welfare Reform”, “To get their block grants of federal TANF money, states have to show that 50 percent of welfare-receiving families -- and 90 percent of two-parent families -- are involved in work activities” (Ball). Unlike its predecessor, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), TANF defines specifically as, not necessarily a job, but any training required getting a job, job search assistance, or even volunteering and childcare. Unlike AFDC, TANF allots certain hours a week and certain weeks per year for work activities. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or ‘food stamps’, provides food to the poorest individuals in America. According to the article “Food Stamps Trimmed for 47 Million” by Evan Harper and Cindy Chang, 14 percent of Americans are on food stamps” and “the program had grown rapidly in recent years” (Chang and Harper). To apply for food stamps in Wisconsin, for example, one must be at or below 130 percent of the poverty line. A family of three in 2014 must have a monthly income of $2,116 or a yearly income of $25,400. (A Quick Guide to SNAP Eligibility and Benefits). Food stamp recipients must not only be below the poverty line, but also be a citizen, and they cannot be on strike. In addition, childless adults can only receive three months of benefits within three years; however, due to recent spike in unemployment, those limits have been lifted. Allowing more young individuals to take benefits that otherwise should go to children in need and families that are supporting children.
Social welfare systems prove both beneficial and detrimental to society. To begin, welfare spending has been shown to help eliminate poverty. According to the USA Today Article “The 15 Million Dollar War on Poverty is a Failure” by Michael Tanner, “indeed the alternative measure suggests that without welfare benefits, poverty rates would exceed 18 percent” (Tanner). In addition, welfare programs such as TANF that require their recipients to look for employment as a prerequisite to receiving benefits, promote employment rather than reliance on social services programs. After major welfare cuts in Arizona, Tamika Shelby, a single unemployed mother sought cash aid. She had previously worked in fast food and at a strip joint in Phoenix, AZ. According “Welfare limits left poor adrift as recession hit”, “the state gave her $176 and sent her to work part time at a...

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