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Morality is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are "good" (or right) and those that are "bad", but who dictates the morals of society?. The government actually takes a big chunk of credit for giving society its current morals. The role of the government in morals of society should be to dictate them in “hope” of a society in constant improvement and try to eliminate possibility of chaos. Not all morals are dictated by the government because we are born with a human nature, but the government should enforce on this already planted morals and further expand them. In other words, the government laws are just an attempt to back up what is (or should be) already implanted on our brains.

In the book “American Psycho” published in 1991, Bret Easton Ellis criticizes de morals and the materialism of the average high class New Yorker, from the point of view of a psychotic protagonist, whose only intention in the world he lives in, is to fit in. The US government in the 1980-1990 has not changed that much compared to the modern day government, so we can infer that laws have not changed drastically. In the book, “American Psycho” Patrick Bateman and his colleagues, are on a non-official race for being the richest, best looking, most appealing man. This masculinity war is so intense that when the psychotic character, Patrick is beaten on something, he often feels that the way to surpass the competence again is by killing them, because there is when he sees that even though the other person might be better, Patrick wins because he is alive, this can be seen when Patrick surpassed by Paul Owen, and then kills him brutally. Because Patrick is a psychotic character, he lacks the morals that comes with instinct, the human nature, so the only things that hold him in place are the laws that are enforced by the police and government. Even though he commits a lot of murders and other inhuman acts like rape, mutilation, cannibalism, and necrophilia, Patrick knows that what he is doing is wrong, his psychotic mentality is not as corrupted enough to ignore this. This can be seen when he confessed all of his crimes to his lawyer, also Patrick is never caught and at the end he states that his confession was worth nothing because nobody took it seriously and he didn´t got punished by it, this shows the critique of materialism in the film because everybody else is focused on what he has rather on what he is doing. This evidences that in the lack of human nature, government...

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