Governments Should Encourage More Men To Become Nurses

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Governments should encourage more men to become nurses
Since the baptism of humanity on this blessed planet, the responsibilities of men and women remained fairly separated. Traditionally, men had to go out for earning bread and butter and women had to manage the household activities. In the same way when societies evolved after the onset of agriculture revolution, the professions of males and females remained distinguished. Similarly the profession of nursing was overwhelmingly occupied by the women and the strength of males in it remained negligible throughout the course of history. But in the contemporary world, with the female activism, the distinction between male and ...view middle of the document...

That’s why men should be encouraged to become nurses.
However, due to irresistible majority of females in this profession, it has been bitterly affected by the curse of gender discrimination. Males are often discouraged to join this profession due to this reason. It engenders a bad impact on this highly respectable profession because we are living in an era of gender equality. This is also a good reason to encourage males inclusion in nursing profession.( Reference:
Moreover, the unemployment ratio in males is far greater than that of females. On the other hand, there is great requirement of males in this profession. But men are reluctant to join this job because of social and cultural traditions. That’s why they are often discouraged to join this duty. But in order to minimize the rate of incessant unemployment, men should be encouraged to become nurses.(Reference:
Furthermore, it is often observed that women feels difficulty in shifting and lifting patients. It is so because they are not naturally as strong and muscular as men. But due to very less percentage of males in this job, females have to perform this difficult task. On the other hand, it would be quite easy for males to perform such duties of shifting and lifting of patients. So, they...

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