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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger May Soon Become President And More Details Of The Past In His Governing

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. A bit strange on the ears to some perhaps. And maybe even California's most outrageous election ever was when Gray Davis was shoved out of his governing seat and the star of the movie The Terminator replaced him. Who would have thought of such a thing? The election process itself was treated as a joke as even Gary Coleman and a porn star tried their luck at becoming California's next governor. Then it became a surprise when the winner was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many found him to have potential while others rolled in their seats laughing. Oh no, another Jesse Ventura. Will California ever get back on its feet again? It's been more than a year and California hasn't been in ruins so far. Compared to Jesse Ventura, Schwarzenegger focused on governing and not his acting career. Ventura often left his seat to wrestle in the WWF, did interviews and almost abandoned Minnesota. In fact, Schwarzenegger seems to be doing such a good job that some want him to become President of the United States. Only one problem: he's not allowed to. Only natural born citizens may participate in the election. But that may soon change.On October 5th, 2004 Orrin Hatch, senator of the state of Utah, presented a judiciary statement titled "Maximizing Voter Choice: Opening the Presidency to Naturalized Americans." In this speech Hatch presented the amendment to make the office of presidency open to all citizens of the United States rather than only those born in America. Hatch made several points that many immigrants of America are now leaders in its governments and the natural-born-citizens-only rule is no longer valid in these modern times. He stated, "the decision to include the natural born citizen requirement in our Constitution was driven largely by the concern over 200 years ago that a European monarch might be imported to rule the United States (Orrin Hatch)." Hatch gave examples of reverenced immigrants, whom he thinks would make excellent candidates for Presidency. Such immigrants include Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm from Canada, former Secretaries of State Madeline Albright from Czechoslovakia and Henry Kissinger from Germany, Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao from China, and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Mel Martinez from Cuba (Orrin Hatch). All of the people he gave examples of came to America at a young age and hold the same ideals as any natural born American.However, since Orrin Hatch proposed this revolutionary amendment it has recently been dubbed The Arnold Amendment. Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones of Menlo Park, California started a one-week ad campaign, shown only in California, persuading people to help amend the constitution so Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may become president. In Morgenthaler-Jones's campaign it is said, "You cannot choose the land of your birth. You can choose the land you love...Help us Amend for Arnold and 12 million other Americans (International Wire)." She has also established...

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