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Summer 2013 Syllabus6 Week Non-EOCTHealth
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Course Description: This course gives the student an overview of Health Education. Nutrition, Mental Wellness, Disease, Substance Abuse, First Aid, and Family Living topics will be covered.Georgia Performance Standards (GPS): A link to the GPS standards for this course can be found in the Course Information widget. If you would like more information on the GPS, please visit the GA DOE website at This course is correlated to the Georgia GPS.eTexts or Textbook: No text requiredEvaluation: Grading will be done with a weighted system. The categories include:










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1518 words - 6 pages transformed into Flora the Roman goddess of spring and Flowers. The inspiration for this story is the mythological story Fasti by Ovid. In the painting Zephyrus, the God of the west wind grabs the nude Chloris whom he impregnated and weds her. Chloris is transformed into the goddess Flora. She now is dropping flowers to the ground in the painting.The scene in the left-hand of the painting shows the Three Graces dancing in veiled garments. The Graces were

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640 words - 3 pages are no longer in people’s good graces. Religion faces the same problem. Certain illusions about freedom plague them both”. Animals in their natural habitat experience fear, lack of food, and survival. Animals in the wild are not free at all-rather, they are taught to follow the natural laws, such as; survival, hunting, etc. They must follow these natural laws, or there is a good chance that they could die. Since these are wild animals, zoo

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1011 words - 5 pages the same event, he says: "But I came, Oedipus, who knew nothing, and I stopped her. I solved the riddle by my wit alone" (433-35). Othello also suffers from the hamartia of pride. His pride, however, stems from his insecurity concerning his appearance and social graces. Brabantio, his father-in-law, also speaks incredulously of his daughter's love for Othello, saying, "[t]o fall in love with what she feared to look upon" (1.3.98). The insecurity

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