Grade 12 Lo Drum Project Essay

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1. Introduction
This project investigates the effect which the playing of a musical instrument – namely the drums – has on one’s intelligence and academic ability. A search of the literature reveals that studies of this kind have been conducted by other researchers in many parts of the world and has led to the conclusion that music is an extremely healthy activity to be involved in.
A study conducted on school children in America concluded that children who took voice or piano lessons had higher IQ’s at the end of the year than those who did not (Munsey, 2006). Dye (2012) reinforces this, stating that scientific research shows that studying music improves school performance. Gaser and ...view middle of the document...

The researcher’s hypothesis is that both listening to music and playing a musical instrument stimulate the brain and can improve memory and that learners who take the time to learn a musical instrument - drums in particular - grow their minds and develop skills which will help them achieve well in other academic endeavours, and improve their IQ scores.
The aim of this study is to ascertain whether learning to play the drums increases one’s IQ score or not. Will learners who take daily drum lessons for two weeks improve their intelligence by improving their memories and having their brains stimulated?
2. Review of Literature
A number of studies showing the relationship between the playing of musical instruments and IQ development are discussed below. A few studies on the effect of drum lessons on brain development are also considered.
2.1 Correlation between Music and IQ in children
In Canada, Schellenberg conducted a study on school children and college students and concluded that those who took voice or piano lessons had higher IQ’s at the end of the year than those who did not (Munsey, 2006). Schellenberg also studied whether the effect of an increase in IQ would continue to improve with more than a year’s lessons and his most recent work has proven that this is in fact the case. The study found that young adults who had taken music lessons in childhood did have higher IQ’s and better high school grades than people who didn’t. He concluded that college students who had played a musical instrument regularly as children were two points ahead in IQ compared to their peers (Munsey, 2006).
These findings are supported by the following quote: “Research has also demonstrated that music training in children results in long-term enhancement of visual-spatial, verbal, and mathematical performance.” (Schlaug; Norton; Overy; Winner, 2006). Gaser and Schlaug studied musicians and found that they gain advanced motor and auditory skills from a young age by practicing their musical instruments. The researchers employed a “voxel-by-voxel morphometric technique” which is a method of measuring the volume of subparts of the brain. It was found that there were differences in the volume of grey matter in the motor, auditory, and visual-spatial brain regions of professional musicians (keyboard players) compared with amateur musicians and non-musicians (Schlaug et al., 2006).

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