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Grade Appeal Essay

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I come before the committee humbly asking for another chance to be in the Global Honors Society with an exception. I am also asking for redemption as well. I am proud to be a former Honor Scholar. Being an Honor Scholar has opened so many doors for me. In the fall of 2013, I was offered a position to work as a medical scribe when I graduate from college. But being an Honor Scholar is merely about intellectual pursuit or the benefits that come from it, but it is also about the drive to do well at all costs. The Honors program is also about having heart and determination no matter what life throws at you. It is by no mistake how I got inducted into Global Honors my junior year. My freshmen year I had a 3.84 GPA. My sophomore year I had a 3.70 GPA. I did not P/NC my way in getting a high GPA but I worked tirelessly hard and sacrifice a lot. I have only one P/NC on my transcript. I became a part of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society my freshmen year. I received a certificate for Who’s Who’s in my junior year. I made the honor’s list all my freshmen year and part of my sophomore year. The President of the college elected me to be a VFIC scholar and receive a $10,000 scholarship during my freshmen year.
In my junior year, the pressures of life came rolling out like a storm thus contributing to my decline in my GPA. My fifty-seven year- old mom became hospitalized for 2 weeks during finals during the second part of the semester. She got into a bad accident on her job and she had to receive immediate surgery and had to get 9 plates in her ankle. This did so much damage to me emotionally. My mom always taught me to be strong and she is indeed a workaholic. This is where I get my drive from. But I shed tears because she lives way in North Carolina and I’m in Virginia so I did rush to take the final exams because I wanted to see my mom because I love her so much. I am glad after 7 months with the support of my dad she is getting better and is able to walk more effectively. And I also I had to balance out the pressures coming from my new job from working as library assistant and being biology major. I think anyone who knows my struggle well enough is my so called mentor, and that is Dr. Walker. Dr. Walker, who I highly respect and have always been there for me and have been over backwards for me so many times for my senior year this includes the grade appeal. This is quite an honor and rewarding. I really want to thank her in this letter for everything. She have always listen to me when, I went through so much my junior year and part my senior year. But with much success you have to experience some failures in life to some degree. What good life would be for if you are always winning and succeeding? How would you ever learn from your mistakes or experiences? This is test for me to see how bad do I want this honors degree. Some people would quit and throw in the tower after two semesters of a GPA being below a 3.5. But this is not me, I...

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