Grade Inflation: What It Is And How To Fix It English Composition Ii Essay

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Grade Inflation: What Is It and How to Fix It
Kaitlyn West
Copiah-Lincoln Community College
Grade Inflation: What is it and How to fix it
Many people are not aware of an epidemic that is sweeping across schools all over the nation, grade inflation. Grade inflation is a real problem and it is happening, possibly even in the nearest neighborhood. For those who do not know, grade inflation is “the awarding of higher grades than students deserve...”.
Professors, students, and many others have been researching this topic for years. Many have said that it started around the 1960’s, inconsequently that was also the time of the Vietnam War. As news editor at Business Insider, Peter Jacobs (2013)said “…during the Vietnam War college professors started handing out higher grades to ensure that students would not fail out and be drafted.” Although this does make plenty sense, this article continues on to say, “Yale University says that their grading — which now skews high — remained steady during the period of the war...” Either could be plausible, with the sympathy people feel for each other when war is involved and the way education has changed over the years.
Education is a progressing entity with changes being made all the time. Some items are seen as unnecessary such as cursive writing, which has been taken out of the curriculum completely in many schools. History, for example, is everchanging because the things that are happening today will be a new part of history class in ten or twenty years if they are significant enough. The education system changes and adapts through time because the viewpoints on what needs to be taught and what a student can do without are modified.
Although it could be quite simple to chalk grade inflation up as something that was done because professors were worried about students being sent to war and later feeling responsible for how that war changed their lives, when all along they could have stopped it by upping the student’s grades; that does not solve while it is still going on today. It is also easy for professors and school boards to say that the quality of the students entering their facility has progressed, and that “inflation” is a poor word to describe what is happening. But could it honestly be that simple?
Many are unaware that grade inflation is seen as an issue today especially students. When students grow up receiving good grades and being told how smart they are, it is accepted easily. Why would someone agree with that? But there is a bigger issue. If students are being seen as exceptional and receiving high grades for unworthy work, there is an implied message being sent to those students that it does not actually matter how smart one is or how much is put into it, as long as the minimal effort is done, rising to the top is simple. This, however, is not the case in what is often referred to as the “real world” and could later...

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