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Graduate Entrance Essay

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Growing up the youngest of three girls in my family, I quickly learned that being able to concisely and creatively describe what you think and want is a very helpful tool, especially when you're trying to convince your sisters to play with you. As I grew, I began to realize that my elementary tactics wouldn't be enough for the goals I had in mind. Through classes and coursework, while pursuing a degree in communication studies and psychology, I cultivated an educated understanding of the field.
The opportunities I had during my four years at Concordia, whether in class or extracurricular activities, introduced me to numerous areas of study within this field of communication and truly ignited my passion even more. I pushed myself to be involved in a variety of experiences to become responsibly engaged in the fast-paced world of communicating. One such experience came from my involvement in LeadNow, a ...view middle of the document...

During my junior and senior years at Concordia, I had the opportunity to work with a faculty member and one other student on a research project about subjective well-being on the college’s campus. We presented our findings at Concordia’s Annual Symposium and have been selected to display our research at the Association for Psychological Science’s National Conference.
Through my involvement, I learned that communication is key for any business (or relationship for that matter) and that an open mind can get you far in life. I also learned that, contrary to popular belief, effective communication does not just come naturally and that there is an unending amount of knowledge to acquire when perfecting communication skills.
My future plans include continuing my education at graduate school studying communication theory and persuasion at an institution where accountability and respect coexist with exciting classes, research, and work that I can feel passionately about. After completing this graduate program, I plan on entering the work force in a public relations position that allows me to pursue my passion for the environment and to be creative. Eventually, after gaining experience with this type of position, I plan on joining the world of academia and becoming a professor of communication studies at a university.
The Communication Theory Graduate Program at NIU provides an excellent opportunity to further my education. The ability to take courses from all four major areas of study in the communication program is very exciting. I enjoy the opportunity to piece together courses such as Public Relations Cases, Concepts, and Campaigns (Journalism), Designing for the Internet (Media), Rhetorical Approaches to Social Movements (Rhetoric), and other Communication Theory courses to create the perfect degree for my future plans. I believe that my passions for learning and teaching make the Communication Graduate Program at NIU and the opportunities it offers an exceptional fit. I am ready to dive into the NIU graduate program and influence the affairs of the world through my hard work and commitment to creating a better tomorrow.

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