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Graduate Essay

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The two factors that deserve more attention than the application provides are my background and vivid aspirations for the future. The documented success outlined in my resume, transcripts, and awards is merely the product of my background. My desire to attend HBS is the explicit strategic plan of accomplishing my goals. While the elements of my application define my ability to succeed at HBS, my background paints the picture of the ambition, leadership, and skills that got me where I am.
After 17 years of being reared nearly homeless by a single mother of three, I became the sole caregiver for a beautiful, intelligent, and talented little girl. My senior year of high school consisted ...view middle of the document...

When completing a job under budget, 50% of the savings would be dispersed to employees based on production reviews and scorecards. Through this experience I learned the true value of leading by example, effectively illustrating and translating my vision for the future. We grew to a multimillion dollar entity within 3 years with a gross margin 10 percentage points higher than the industry average.
During this time, I realized I needed a formal education to reach my full potential and provide my daughter with the opportunities I never had. I started night school at a community college and later transferred to Louisiana State University. Having been part of the successful start-up, I wanted to create an entity of my own. My goal was far greater than the small business I had been a part of thus far, but I knew an Honors Bachelor’s degree would only get me so far. Throughout my undergraduate career I continued to mold my goals of creating a domestic manufacturing entity; an entity that leverages technology and capitalizes on underutilized skilled labor. I was having success in my undergraduate career despite the great adversities produced by being a single father with insignificant secondary education. As I pushed further and further, I realized Harvard Business School was the most effective way of realizing my long-term goals. In hopes of one day being considered a viable candidate for HBS I created a strategy to acquire the documented skills needed to be admitted in and successful at Harvard. The strategy was explicit and intense, but as a single parent I had to remain flexible. I capitalized on every opportunity and made massive...

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