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Graduate Program In Web Designing Essay

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Computers can be considered the eighth wonder of the world. Their use has become indispensible in every field – Communication, Database Systems, Banking, Robotics, Medicine, Vehicular Systems and what not. The World Wide Web and Internet has brought a new revolution across the world bringing the people closer through a plethora of networking applications such as chat, video conferencing, social networking and e-mail. When my father brought the first computer, a Pentium 3 processor, I was so amazed seeing the GUIs of the websites and the Windows have always attracted me. I thus developed a predilection to Web designing at school level where I was introduced to Microsoft Frontpage, HTML and Visual Basic.
I was a consistent learner and one among the toppers in high school securing 89% in my tenth. In my twelfth, I secured a centum in Mathematics with an overall aggregate of 93%. My passion for Mathematics and inquisitiveness about Computers made me choose Computer Science as my major in B.E. degree at Easwari Engineering College, a reputed institution, affiliated to Anna University. I have been a consistent performer throughout the course, where I thoroughly enjoyed learning Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Networks and Internet Programming and bagging an overall 84%.
Being an eloquent speaker and meticulous student, I was selected to attend the Semester at Sea program in my first year of under graduation. In the second year, I secured second rank in the department. I was made the class representative in the second year, which provided me a chance to exhibit my leadership quality. I also underwent a one-week implant training offered by BSNL on “Fundamentals of Telecom”.
Spurred on by my passion for Programming, I did a certified NIIT course on Java and Advanced Java concepts and designed an online shopping site selling accessories using cart in my third year. Possessing good organizational skills, I was assigned the magazine head and in-charge of technical debates in the national level symposium “KRATOS’10” conducted by my college. I was also the editor of the Computer Science department newsletter “the...

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