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Graduates Employment Essay

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Do you have what it takes? With more people graduating with a university degree, employers are spoilt for choices in getting the best people to serve in their organization. When choices are in abundance, what could you do to get noticed, considered, and ultimately hired? Malaysia itself is at full employment with an unemployment rate of 2.9 per cent in November 2012 (Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2012). Why there are still unemployment rate happened? Reports and surveys have shown that not only employers, but also educators, leaders, and professionals have begun to realize the importance of soft skills and capability of themselves itself to gain a job. Besides that, graduates should also consider another factor that influence graduates employment is the current job market in Malaysia. According to the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), some of the initiatives under National Key Results Areas (NKRA) were aimed to create job opportunities (The Star, 2009). This factor is the major factor as each year fresh graduates boost up with inversely proportional of job vacancies for them. Last but not least, fresh graduates should also take into account about their level of education in order to compete as soon as they completed their studies. It is proven that the higher the level of education of the graduates, the higher the opportunity to gain a job. Thus, factors of graduate’s employment are due to capability of graduates themselves, the current job market, and the level of education of fresh graduates.
In this sophisticated era, it is not easy for graduates to get job according to their qualification. The first factors that influence the graduate employment is the capability of graduates themselves. This is because graduates are being more advanced and there is tough competition between the graduates to place themselves in a job. Therefore, it is vital for graduates to prepare and enhance interpersonal skills in them. Each and every one has different interpersonal skills in them. In this way, the capacity of graduates can be differentiated in many aspects such as soft skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and critical thinking. These are the important elements that a graduate should develop. Besides that, the capability of graduates to adapt quickly to changes in the nature of work and take responsibility for self-managing subsequent career shift is also an important factor influencing success in the workplace (Paul Hager, 2006). Nowadays, a good command is also fundamental in almost all the jobs. Employers look for graduates who have high proficiency in English. Thus, it is clear that graduates who have advanced interpersonal skills together with good command in English can place themselves in a job easily. Furthermore, leadership is also an important aspect that they looking for in graduates. Leadership is the capacity to lead and those who are able to lead and highly responsible and motivated. Graduates must have good...

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